Bobby Gould in Hell

By David Mamet

to be performed in

the John J. Conklin Theatre,

Gail Asper Performing Arts Hall

Director - Ben Krawchuk

Stage Manager - Cuinn Joseph
Lighting Designer - Connor Duff
Faculty Advisor - Bob Smith


Bobby - Ethan Lee
Interrogator - Hayley Stacey
Assistant - Zach Kamstra
Glenna - Kayla Cote




Mainstage Season

Under Milk Wood

November 21-December 1

Peer Gynt

January 23-February 2

Love's Labour's Lost

March 13-23

LunchBhagg Season


October 16-18

Party Time

October 23-15

A Grave Story

December 4-6

Calm Down Mother

February 5-7

Bobby Gould in Hell

April 2-4