Hughie by Eugene O'Neill

Directed by: Evan Martin

Lighting Design by: Cuinn Joseph
Stage Manager: Benjamin Krawchuk

Faculty Advisor: Bill Kerr


"Erie" Smith: Bailey Chin
Night Clerk: Annie MacRae

"Hughie" by Eugene O'Neill is set in the lobby of a run-down Times Square hotel early one morning in the late 1920's. Its characters are the hotel's night clerk, and "Erie" Smith, a penny gambler who has spent his last fifteen years at the hotel between periods of drunkenness. After the death of the title character, who is the night clerk's predecessor, Erie babbles through tales of his life's imaginary successes, as well as his panicky optimism towards the futile future.


Mainstage Season

Under Milk Wood

November 21-December 1

Peer Gynt

January 23-February 2

Love's Labour's Lost

March 13-23

LunchBhagg Season


October 16-18

Party Time

October 23-15

A Grave Story

December 4-6

Calm Down Mother

February 5-7

Bobby Gould in Hell

April 2-4