by Sam Shepard

Directed by Cali Sproule

Stage Manager - Robyn Johnson
LX operator - Gloria Thompson


Stu - Tyler Cyr
Joy - Sophie Guillas
Policeman - Ryan Offenloch
Myra - Kyra Krassnigg
Sally - Erin Turski
Joe - Evan Friesen
Jim - Josh Pinette


The Beckettian dilemma of Stu, puppet and demiurge ensconced in his bathtub, moves from his particular problem (his lover is leaving him) to the threat posed to the human spirit by its own increasingly dangerous civilization

Chicago will be performed in the John J. Conklin Theatre, Gail Asper Performing Arts Hall, in the historic Taché Hall. Show times are: December 5 & 7 12 at Noon and December 6 at 12:30pm and 7:30pm.


Mainstage Season

Nothing Sacred

November 8-18


January 17-27


March 21-31

LunchBhagg Season


October 10-12

UM Improv

November 28-30


December 5-7

Chamber Music

February 6-8

Here We Go

April 3-5