By Brian Friel

Directed by Bill Kerr

7pm on January 18 for Opening Night!

8pm on January 19-21, 25-28

2pm on January 22

7pm on January 24 (talk back follows)

John J. Conklin Theatre

at the

Gail Asper Performing Arts Hall

Tickets: $18, $12 Students and Seniors

Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance in 360 University College.

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“‘Always’? What is that word ‘always’?”

Translations is an intelligent and heartbreaking examination of characters who long for their pre-colonial roots while emphasizing that such a past is impossible to truly reclaim; such is the razor-thin balance achieved by this play. The setting is Friel’s iconic Irish village of Baile Beag (literally “small town”). It centres on an aspiring teacher with a bad leg, whose brother returns after many years abroad with several members of the British army in tow. The soldiers seek to rename the local areas. Friel uses language barriers between characters in order to show the consequences that arise from miscommunication and misunderstanding.




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