Theatre Facilities


The John J. Conklin Theatre at the Gail Asper Performing Arts Hall

This fully renovated performance space in the heart of historic Taché Hall features state of the art sound and light systems with end stage retractable seating of up to 150 patrons. It is located on the 300 level in centre block, directly above the music library.

The facility also contains a concession stand in the lobby; the Sharon G. Greening Room (green room); Susan H. Nisbet Dressing Room and a second equity compliant dressing room; carpentry, wardrobe, and prop shops; and is fully accessisble.

Our lobby and new entrance are completed. When coming to a show, make your way to the third floor via the central stairwells or elevator in the airy atrium on the river side of old Taché.




Rehearsal Spaces

We have four rehearsal spaces in total. The Rehearsal Hall, the Gerald Losey Studio, the Vic Cowie Studio, and, our namesake and former home, the Black Hole Studio.


Mainstage Season

Nothing Sacred

November 8-18


January 17-27


March 21-31

LunchBhagg Season


October 10-12

UM Improv

November 28-30


December 5-7

Chamber Music

February 6-8

Here We Go

April 3-5